White Lake, Whitehall, MI

White Lake has 10″+ in the old ice zone.  This is about 7″ more than a week ago.  I would rate the ice 8 or better further out.  Physical limitations, a dead ATV battery, and slick ice prevented me from walking out very far.  Talked with 2 fishermen who indicated that there was 8-10″ yesterday but this too was on old ice. There were 2 fishermen off Long Point this morning which is the newest of ice.  However there were no fishermen off Lakeside or Sylvan on the west end which is telling.

My estimate is that there is a nice plate of sailable ice from Bluff Road and probably beyond to the Eagles the full width of the lake.  It would be prudent to exercise caution until the whole area is scoped out.  Launch areas include the our house, next door if you have a trailer you want to put on the ice or the end of White Lake Dr.  You can give me a call if you are planning on sailing here. Chip

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