White Lake, Whitehall, MI

The following ice report was received this morning from Chip up on White Lake:

On Thursday I drove around this end of White Lake on the ATV and found it to be quite rough particularly over snowmobile and ATV tracks.  Having said that, Christi Bortell has been sailing her skeeter for the past 3 days mostly on the north side of the lake and even on the new ice in town.  I checked out the west end and it looked similar but certainly sailable.  Thickness at 4 – 5″ is carrying a lot of ATV and fishermen traffic.  On a Weds ice check I found drain holes ( old fishing holes) that had opened up to 3′ and many not marked.  These have probably healed up somewhat since then. The lake looks a lot smoother this a.m. – but no wind.  If anyone want to sail here they are able to launch at Lakeside and our house.  White Lake Dr looks pretty choked up with fishermen.  If anyone wants additional information the can call me at 231-894-4559.

Remember, regardless of what any ice report says, I is your responsibility to sail only on SAFE ice!

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