A big thanks!

I wanted to express my appreciation to all those who helped me get my rig back to the ramp today I case I missed anyone out on the ice.  It would have been quite a long walk with all those parts and broken pieces!   I have to say that breaking a plank was an interesting, exciting and thankfully injury free experience.  Hats off to Lee, for predicting the disaster so accurately!  Not 30 minutes before the “occurance”,  Lee commented that the plank looked a little soft for me, my rear was just about dragging on the ice and it would probably crack soon.  So far in my short time with the club, I have been very impressed with how accepting everyone is of a new member and how willing everyone is share knowledge and help out when someone needs it.  Thanks again!

Matt Moilanen “one of the new guys”

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    Back in the 70’s I built four DN ice boats. I sold them all, but I have two extra runner planks here. One runner plank has chocks made from 3/16 steel and the other runner plank has chocks made from 1/4″ steel. $20 each, or both planks for $35. Come and look, Thanks
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