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7 day forecast – 2015

Missing the “true” weather that we should be experiencing at this time.      

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Muskegon Lake Ice – Quickly Deteriorating

Balcom Cove launch site has had little to no wind today,  and has a current (as of 2pm) air temperature of 42 degrees.  Although 6 inches of ice remains, it is VERY soft and HIGHLY saturated with air.   I

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….to Whistler and her owner for their safe return from the 1 hour nite sail between 10:30 and 11:30 pm this evening on Muskegon Lake.  It was a sight to see as the boat screamed by and the reflected light from

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A quick check of Muskegon Lake @ Balcom’s Cove on Tuesday 2/8/17 (in the light drizzle & fog) reveals 5-1/2 inches of solid black ice confirmed out approximately 200 feet from the launch ramp.  Test holes were drilled with ice

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Looking for Ice Confirmation(s)

I happened across an avid ice-fisherman on Tuesday 1/24/17 and he told me that Lakes Cadillac and neighboring Mitchell had 16 inches of ice, supporting vehicle traffic, as recent as late last week. I am sharing a fishing report link, below,

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