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2016 / 17 meetings

Hi all, It is mid-October & I’ve not seen anything yet with regard to the upcoming ice boating season.  A couple questions come to mind such as; Is Chip still collecting yearly dues? What is our meeting schedule for the

Drafts – Reports – Posts – PUBLISH your messages

I see quite a few report / posting DRAFTS on this site that never were actually “PUBLISHED”. Once you type your message you need to hit the “PUBLISH” button on the right of the post page to actually “POST” it to

Stainless Steel – Ball locking ring handles

NO affiliation, only sharing a source. For those of you that have larger boats, Monroe Engineering in Auburn Hills, MICH has variety of offerings available & most are in stock.  The ball locking ring handles in 304 stainless were running

WTB runners for Arrow

Looking to purchase plate style runners for Arrow. Sides are usually 34 inches long with a 30 inch front steering blade. I would prefer full length stiffeners as the loads I’ve previously seen have toed in my original blades. Contact