Balcom Web cam and West Michigan ice

Do check the club web site,, for Commodore Runk’s fall newsletter if you haven’t already.

Of special note is the link to the camera mounted on the Balcom Cove condominium building. This camera provides a constant video feed accessible via the internet. It eyes the ice at the western end of Muskegon Lake, and the activity at the City of Muskegon launch ramp adjacent to the condos at the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Country Club Road.

Muskegon Lake

Area lakes are skimming over and holding a thin surface of ice. I have observed ice cover on the eastern ends of Mona, Muskegon and Spring lakes. But there’s no way I’m going out there to check its thickness. I can see from shore the ice is too thin.

We need temperatures in the low 20s or lower. These are forecast beginning Dec. 26.

Merry Christmas!

Meanwhile, get your ice sailing program ready to roll.

Randy Rogoski
a past commodore

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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