Big time on Mona Lake Jan 14 and 15, 2017!

Many thanks to WMIYC Commodore Dean Runk and host Don Fischer for the hospitality and fine club outing this past weekend.

Many thanks to Pete Price and family for the Saturday lean in, Keek Wickland for the beer, and Dean and Don for the hot dogs and meat balls, they were absolutely delicious!

Club members  enjoyed easy-to-sail fast ice with perfect wind for the size of the lake.

Kudos to Don for the paint job on his classic rumble-seat skeeter, Issac Leetsema for his sailing skill in his skeeter, and Marty Fredericksen for the wood workmanship of his newly built mini skeeter.

The ice was smooth and pebbly; so slick that cleats or creepers were necesary for safe walking. We barely had 6 mph of wind, but that was enough to get the high-tech DNs hiking.

What a fabulous weekend of sailing!

With the early freeze up and now a thaw to further smooth the ice, we must anticipate one of the most enjoyable sailing seasons in years.

Rumors there was sailing on Lake Macatawa and White Lake. Please report!

Randy Rogoski
a past commodore

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One comment on “Big time on Mona Lake Jan 14 and 15, 2017!
  1. Arrow#422 Arrow#422 says:

    2 Arrows were enjoying Muskegon Lake via Balcom Cove launch site during this same period. The ice wasn’t as good as what Mona offered, but the lack of congestion made up most of the difference.

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