Big wind sailing Monday Jan 29 on Muskegon Lake

Tuesday’s forecast is for light air and mid-20s temperatures. The ice is fast and clear; not much wind will be needed to sail.

There were more club members coming and going than could be counted today at Hartshorn Marina on West Western Ave in Muskegon.

The sailing was fun and we’re going back.

As for five others and myself, we left our boats at the launch and plan to return Jan 30.

Some considered the ice rough, others that it’s iceboating reality.

The ice, while dimpled, was slick and fast. With mid-teens wind and more in the gusts, there was plenty of pressure to make the boat sail fast. The snow flurry did not accumulate.

Arrow sailor Jim Fetters reports that some of the ice seams to the west of Hartshorn Marina need to be carefully investigated. Cold overnight forecast in the upper teens is just what the lake needs.

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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