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Houghton Lake ice break up: watch it destroy lakeside structures!

Read this story and follow the link to the Facebook page for the Houghton Lake ice fisherman for more photos of huge ice jams towering over and destroying lakefront structures: towering_ice_wall_comes_ashore.html#incart_river_home_pop  

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Close call with weak ice at Fun Regatta

“O Shit! I’ve got to get my trailer off the ice!,” Dick Wollam said after hearing a dull cracking sound as he watched his trailer’s wheels become awash. I was rigging my DN about 1pm on a clear Sunday afternoon

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Fun Regatta moves to Houghton Lake, Sunday March 12

The party continues at the Spikehorn Bar on Houghton Lake,  Sunday March 12! Stan and Don Jones arrived just in time to welcome the host Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club, who were hot on their tails. Too much wind made snow

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Houghton Lake (East End) North of Prudenville

Stan Jones and several others are at Houghton Lake and report a large plate of great sailable ice! The preferred launch site is the DNR launch site just north of Prudenville, MI. Take US55 east through Houghton Lake to Prudenville,

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Otsego Lake NOT Sailable on March 11-12-2017

Too much snow, but see the next report regarding what was found on Houghton Lake’s east end

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