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Users housekeeping

Thanks Jim for the comment about hitting the “Publish” button. If you create a post and want it to appear on the site then this is a must. Please use the correct category also for your post. If you have

Drafts – Reports – Posts – PUBLISH your messages

I see quite a few report / posting DRAFTS on this site that never were actually “PUBLISHED”. Once you type your message you need to hit the “PUBLISH” button on the right of the post page to actually “POST” it to

New Season

A quick post to say that “Website registration” has been turned on and I encourage all who have not registered on the website to do so… If you have any event dates to add please do so – or Email

Map icons

All logged in WMIYC members can now add icons to our ice boat venue maps! Guidelines: Log in to the dashboard and go to maps. Click edit for the map you want to add an icon to. When adding a