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Skimmer 45 iceboat

Skimmer 45 iceboat

Price contingent on condition. I’m located in Escanaba Michigan
Total views: 34
Price: $ 300.00
Skeeter Ice Boat - Rumble Seat - A -

Skeeter Ice Boat - Rumble Seat - A -

Selling Skeeter Ice Boat and Trailer, ( Boat setup is not the boat for sale). Very fast Skeeter Iceboat, includes…
Total views: 67
Price: $ 4,250.00
"Skeeter Ice Boat - Rumble Seat - A"

"Skeeter Ice Boat - Rumble Seat - A"

DN Ice Boat - All parts included, sail, runners, etc. All parts in good sailing condition. Great Size, easy to…
Total views: 72
Price: $ 650.00
DN Iceboat for sale

DN Iceboat for sale

Older DN Ice Boat. Includes: wooden spar, wooden boom, runners, sail, and all hardware. Needs some work to make her…
Total views: 127
Price: $ 500.00
Basswood for sale.and skitia spruce

Basswood for sale.and skitia spruce

I found a person who will cut basswood to any size you want up to 18 ft long . I…
Total views: 108
Price: $ 0.00
Gold Fleet Boat Complete

Gold Fleet Boat Complete

Norton hull, Boston Doyle F-01 sail like new, quick pins, forestay adjuster, mast hound rotator, Sarnes runners, harken blocks, travel…
Total views: 181
Price: $ 2,350.00


Professionally built hull with damage. Repair or use for the complete set of hardware. The rest of the entire boat…
Total views: 111
Price: $ 350.00

15 Comments on “Classified

  1. Plans, If some one wants sets of DN plans (big Copies) i have two sets plus a copy from Joe Norton on his hi- wedge, a set of renegade
    plans and a set of sprinter plans. just pay $5 shipping

  2. Hi Mike…I’m thinking of downsizing from my Renegade to a
    DN or Sprinter. The Renegade is too hard to get in and out for
    me at 75 years old. So would be interested in a set of DN and the
    Sprinter. What is a hi-wedge?

  3. “hi wedge” is the name joe norton called the new style DN we all have now longer cockpit than the original DN just give me your address and i’ll send a set of DN and Sprinter .

  4. To Mike Meneau,
    I would like to get a set of sprinter plans. I may I get in touch with you?

  5. rich.r.buck(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
    617 629 0639
    i’m looking for a used DN sail.

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