Club Equipment

Club Equipment

Inventory of Assets – January 2014

Benefits of club membership include use of of club owned equipment for building DNs, sharpening runners, and for racing. Here is a list of what the club owns, and which member(s) store it or carry it with them when sailing.

Club DN Boat building jigs and fixtures:

  • Hull side board mold and nose molds – Art Balzar
  • Plank curve mold – Marty Fredericksen
  • Plank mold 16′ – Andy Bos (Belongs to him, same design as DN jig but 16 ft with 4 inch mid-line diviation. Bottom made out of 6-2×10’s mounted vertically with arc pre-cut. Tie down base -1/4 steel squares with 12″ x 1/2″ rods and 3/4 nuts w/washers. Tie downs every 6 in or so. Tie down uppers – vertically drilled 2×4’s Could for see clamp down extensions out ends for longer planks.)

Runner Sharpeners:

90 inch belt sander – adjustable platten for multiple grind angles – jointly owned by Randy Rogoski and the WMIYC (Jerry Bakke donated his half of sharpener to the club).

Members who individually own runner sharpeners which are available for use by members by calling them to ask permission: Allan Dake, Stan Jones, Scott Morris and Paul Wickland

Club Safety Equipment:

  • Back board, First Aid kits – light trauma, major trauma, orthopedic splints – Randy Rogoski,
  • First Aid kit – all trauma – Peter Blacklock
  • Hole markers – Randy Rogoski, Dean Runk and others
  • Ladder – Randy Rogoski
  • Throw ropes – (2) Randy – (1) Peter Blacklock – (2) Dean Runk – (1) Don 1/2″ x 75′
  • Binoculars – (1) Dean Runk
  • Hand held radios – (3) Dean Runk

Club Turning Marks:

  • Set of two 6 ft high – Randy Rogoski
  • Set of two 5 ft high – Paul Wickland
  • Set of two 8 ft high – Dean Runk