How do I post an ice conditions report?

You will quite simply be creating a post…
To do this you will need to registered on the web site
Not registered…How to register>

The steps are as follows:

  • Login to the website…How to login>
  • Create a post
  • Add post to ice conditions category

Creating the post. Once you are logged in:

  • go to Posts > Add New
  • Fill in the title of your post
  • In the main body area type your text. Note: If you are cutting and pasting make sure you are in text mode not visual mode.
  • Check the category box for “Ice conditions”
  • Click on the publish button.

You are done! Click on “visit site” in the top left of the dashboard and you should see your post…
If you need to change anything simply log in go to Posts > hover over your post title and click on edit

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