How to post ice conditions via Email?

How to post ice conditions via Email?

Please contact the webmaster for the secret Email…

Simply sending a E mail will automatically post that E mail to the website under “Ice conditions”


  • Do NOT share this E mail with anyone (even other club members)
  • Your subject line is the title of the post.
  • send for ice conditions ONLY

Note: If your Email system does not allow subject line then you can provide your own subject in the message body by including it on the first line surrounded by the hash symbol (#).

#My subject#
The rest of my message

  • Whatever you send to this E mail is posted to “Ice Conditions” by default
  • You can attach a picture OR a short video
  • Posting is automatic but might take a while (E mail new postings checked daily)
  • Signature is stripped out on most systems.

Note: This did not work on my iPad to manually make sure of this type ‘:end’ (without the quotes). The message will be stripped after this.

body of message

Have fun – Do not abuse!

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