I have a lot of photos, how do I create a gallery?

I have a lot of photos, how do I create a gallery?

To do this you will need to registered on the web site (and also be a WMIYC member)
Not registered…How to register>

The steps are as follows:

  • Login to the website…How to login>
  • Create a new gallery
  • Upload all of your images
  • E mail the webmaster once done

Creating a Gallery:

Once logged in you will see on the left side of the admin dashboard you will see a “Gallery” link

  • Go to Gallery > Add new gallery/images
  • In the box just to the right of the” create new gallery” selection type in the title of your gallery
  • Click on add files and select all the files you want to use
  • Click on the upload files button

Your gallery will not automatically be published on the website – you will need to E mail the webmaster

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