Fun Regatta 2017: March 11 and 12, Gaylord, Mich.

Consider the Fun Regatta weather forecast favorable at the end of our temperate winter. Cold weather is essential for safe ice; sufficient hours of suitable cold prior to the regatta are likely to heal ice hazards created by recent prolonged thaw.

The temperature: highs for Saturday and Sunday should be no more than the low 20s. Overnight lows: single digits.

The wind: plenty to sail at about 10 mph and gusts to the low teens.

The lake: Otsego Lake’s area is about 2,000 acres and measures about five miles long. It is one mile wide at the widest point, about the middle of the lake.

It is just over one-half mile wide where the Fun Regatta will launch at the DNR site in the southeast corner of the lake. This launch is within Otsego State Park.

While none of us have likely sailed there before, it is similar to a number of lakes most familiar to us.

It is not much smaller in acreage than White Lake, in northern Muskegon County, and Gull Lake, in Richland, north of Kalamazoo.

All three lakes are about 2,000 acres. Picture Gull Lake, Otsego is shaped similarly.

The launch at Otsego State Park is about 40 miles north of where we launch on the western shore of Houghton Lake.

Otsego Lake is south of Gaylord , and closest to that city, and north of Grayling. There is Holiday Inn in Grayling and likely suitable motel accommodations in Gaylord too.

Gaylord’s population is not much fewer than our White Lake communities of Whitehall and Montague combined.

Get your heads heading north!

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  1. Bob and Anne says:

    Thanks for the post regarding the Regatta. We are going to go to Hubbard Lake, no snow on the lake and good ice. This lake is 10,000 acres with two ramps and is located 20 miles southwest of Alpena, Michigan.

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