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Muskegon Lake Sunday Feb. 18 (2/17/2018) - Six iceboaters enjoyed a fine time sailing the eastern end of Muskegon Lake Saturday afternoon. We had fun, left our boats, and plan to return the morning of Sunday Feb 18 will all haste to enjoy another fine sail before
WMIYC on TV – watch the story. (2/5/2018) - WZZM TV 13 broadcast a feature story about our club Friday Feb 2. Click on the link on the home page or below:
Muskegon Lake: Saturday Feb. 3 (2/4/2018) - The Club turned out in droves Saturday morning, but we got skunked by the high wind and snow. Not quite the big-time super-fun day we were hoping for, nevertheless the ice on Muskegon Lake will continue to build in the
Ice and ice safety (2/2/2018) - This might be old news but for arguably the best resource on the web regarding the ice we sail on and ice safety, head on over to: It might be worth adding a link to this site on the
Muskegon Lake Obstacles (2/2/2018) - With the attention that the Fricano’s launch area is getting, I pulled an aerial view of Muskegon Lake for your convenience.  Observations on Monday 1/29/18 revealed the following issues you should be very aware of. SEE ATTACHED MAP FOR DETAILS.
Muskegon Lake: Friday Feb. 2 (2/2/2018) - Paul Wickland and myself plan to give Muskegon Lake a go Friday afternoon, setting up about 1 pm. There was nothing doing on the lake Thursday when the wind was blowing a mini-gale amidst a snow flurry or two or
Muskegon Lake: Sailing report for Wed Jan. 31 (2/1/2018) - Familiar with the Latin phrase Carpe Diem? It means Seize the Day! Club Skeeter sailors did so Wednesday afternoon on Muskegon Lake. Paul Wickland, Issac Leetsma, Don Fischer, and Tim Freye sailed the wind-smoothed ice in the diminishing winds and
Muskegon Lake: Windstorm aftermath Feb 1 (1/31/2018) - Yes! The ice is now resurfacing with Mother Nature’s Zamboni … BUT Warm temperatures and big wind Jan 31 will also worsen ice hazards and create open water. Monday Jan 29 Jim Fetters observed a working seam on Muskegon Lake
Muskegon Lake: Preview for Wednesday Jan. 31 (1/31/2018) - At 7:30 am the wind is stiff, blowing in the 20s, and it is 34 degrees. By mid-afternoon, the sun is forecast to come out, the temperature to rise to 40 degrees and the wind to diminish to the lower
Muskegon Lake: Tuesday Jan. 30 (1/31/2018) - Five WMIYC members sailed Muskegon Lake Tuesday Jan 30 from the Hartshorn Marina launch. Issac Leetsma, who set up his Skeeter Monday evening, set sail at 8am and enjoyed fine light air cruising until the wind faded away about 10am.
New updates to photo and video sections (1/29/2018) - The photos and video section of the website have been updated recently…  
Big wind sailing Monday Jan 29 on Muskegon Lake (1/29/2018) - Tuesday’s forecast is for light air and mid-20s temperatures. The ice is fast and clear; not much wind will be needed to sail. There were more club members coming and going than could be counted today at Hartshorn Marina on
Muskegon Lake: week of Jan. 29, 2018 — LET’S SAIL!!! (1/28/2018) - O Boy! Now is the time to get on the ice. This ice and weather forecast is what West Michigan Ice Yacht Club members have long waited for! The prospects for satisfying sailing on Muskegon Lake look favorable for the
DN North American Championship Regatta on for Lake Charlevoix Up North (1/24/2018) - The 2018 DN North American Championship Regatta has been called on for Lake Charlevoix in Michigan. If you would like to enter the regatta, for complete details please visit LAUNCH Whiting Park (closest to racing area): Alternative: Boyne
Muskegon Lake week of Jan. 22, 2018 (1/21/2018) - Expect excellent ice sailing conditions on Muskegon Lake soon after the heavy rain forecast Monday Jan. 22. Following Monday’s rain event, the temperature is forecast to drop to the low 20s. Ice fisherman reported eight inches of hard ice Saturday
Classifieds Photos (1/18/2018) - We do seem to have a lot of classifieds without pictures…! Please add photos to your ads – this will help sell your product. Thank You – random photo enclosed  
Muskegon Lake (1/17/2018) - I will be sailing later today out of Balcom Cove.  Saturday, Sunday, & Monday were all good days there.  Why is it that the Mona Lake sailing contingent failed to share their fun here on the site ??? Tuesday on
Houghton Lake looks great (1/12/2018) - I walked the ice today.  Not quite glass smooth but most of it is nearly black with no snow and smooth enough to have a ton of fun.  I didn’t check the thickness but there are many shanties all over
Snow kiters likely first on Muskegon Lake (1/2/2018) - View from Balcom’s Cove on New Year’s Eve: (See other email for photoMkg Lk Sun 12-31-17.jpg) A tug boat cut its way from the Lake Michigan channel to the docks at the lake’s eastern end. There is ice fishing activity
Balcom Web cam and West Michigan ice (12/22/2017) - Do check the club web site,, for Commodore Runk’s fall newsletter if you haven’t already. Of special note is the link to the camera mounted on the Balcom Cove condominium building. This camera provides a constant video feed accessible
Ron Sherry at MYC (11/3/2017) -
NOV 3-4 2017 SWAP MEET (10/31/2017) -
SWAP MEET NOV 3-4 2017 @ MYC (10/31/2017) - Attached is the flyer (and a link for the flyer) for the upcoming combined ice boat meeting Friday night 6pm and swap meet Saturday 10am-1pm at Muskegon Yacht Club. Friday’s presentation is by Ron Sherry a world class ice boat
Added Mona Lake video (1/25/2017) - I have added a video by Marc Hoeksema:
A few images from Gun Lake 12/28/16 (12/28/2016) - ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]
The Daze Before Ice Boating (12/5/2016) - A poem by Tom Wilkening The Daze Before Ice Boating T’was well into winter, the ice boater’s hearts did ache, Because of warm weather, there was no ice on the lake. Everyone’s runners were sharpened, with meticulous care, In hopes
DA BUS (12/4/2016) -
2016 / 17 meetings (10/14/2016) - Hi all, It is mid-October & I’ve not seen anything yet with regard to the upcoming ice boating season.  A couple questions come to mind such as; Is Chip still collecting yearly dues? What is our meeting schedule for the
WMIYC Standing Meeting Schedule (2/25/2016) - Generally, unless otherwise published, all Annual and General Meetings are hosted by and held at The Muskegon Yacht Club at 3198 Edgewater Street in Muskegon, MI. The meeting schedule is: – Annual Meeting is on the 1st Sunday in December,
Video Speaks for itself (2/25/2016) -
Users housekeeping (2/17/2016) - Thanks Jim for the comment about hitting the “Publish” button. If you create a post and want it to appear on the site then this is a must. Please use the correct category also for your post. If you have
Drafts – Reports – Posts – PUBLISH your messages (2/17/2016) - I see quite a few report / posting DRAFTS on this site that never were actually “PUBLISHED”. Once you type your message you need to hit the “PUBLISH” button on the right of the post page to actually “POST” it to
Stainless Steel – Ball locking ring handles (1/12/2016) - NO affiliation, only sharing a source. For those of you that have larger boats, Monroe Engineering in Auburn Hills, MICH has variety of offerings available & most are in stock.  The ball locking ring handles in 304 stainless were running
2015 Annual meeting (12/6/2015) - Looked like a good time was had by all – I missed most of the meeting (soft water sailing)
Something to watch for (11/27/2015) - Back in August we were contacted by one of the staff writers for “MICHIGAN BLUE”, a high end magazine that brands itself as “Michigan’s Lifestyle Magazine, to contribute to an article they will be publishing in their winter issue. During
New rumbleseat Skeeter (11/26/2015) - Hey….what do you think about Tim Freye’s new toy! We look forward to seeing his new “Rumbleseat Skeeter” on the ice this season!
New Season (10/18/2015) - A quick post to say that “Website registration” has been turned on and I encourage all who have not registered on the website to do so… If you have any event dates to add please do so – or Email
2015 DN Gold Cup Championship – Kingston, Ontario (5/25/2015) - Great video of this event: Hello, On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late January 2015, I stumbled upon the International World Cup for DN Ice Yachting being unexpectedly held in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario. At first I was upset
Ice Thickness Guide (4/5/2015) - 7-1/2 inches Passenger car (2-ton gross) 8 inches Light truck (2-1/2-ton gross) 10 inches Medium truck (3-1/2-ton gross) 12 inches Heavy truck (8-ton gross) 15 inches 10 tons 20 inches 25 tons 30 inches 70 tons 36 inches 110
The final meeting (3/26/2015) - Twenty ice boaters gathered to swap lies and celebrate with food and drink.
Map icons (3/22/2015) - All logged in WMIYC members can now add icons to our ice boat venue maps! Guidelines: Log in to the dashboard and go to maps. Click edit for the map you want to add an icon to. When adding a
WMIYC’s great ice sailing day on Muskegon Lake, Jan. 30, 2015. Watch WCMU’s five-minute TV story Online. (2/24/2015) - PBS station WCMU TV in Mt. Pleasant broadcast its Destination Michigan episode Monday Feb. 23 that featured five episodes from around the State. West Michigan Ice Yacht Club , shot on Muskegon Lake from the Cottage Grove launch ramp, is the fourth story.
Tim Freye on ice boat Muskegon’s WMIYC Featured on WCMU’s “Destination Michigan” (2/18/2015) - Muskegon’s West Michigan Ice Yacht Club Featured on WCMU’s “Destination Michigan” Monday, February 23 at 7:30 p.m. West Michigan Ice Yacht Club’s Vice Commodore, Tim Freye, and his ice boat: Courtesy of CMU Public Television’s “Destination Michigan” MT. PLEASANT, MI;
See WMIYC on TV – week of Feb 23 (2/14/2015) - WCMU TV’s Courtney Jerome, and crew Matt and Chris, visited us at Muskegon Lake’s Cottage Grove launch ramp Friday Jan. 30 to produce a segment for their show “Destination Michigan.” The show is scheduled for broadcast Monday, February 23 at 7:30 p.m.
Local articles of interest (2/9/2015) - A couple of online local journals have shared some points of interest see below: Ice boats hit Muskegon Lake in fast action before winter storm closes most area schools Ice Boating looks like an amazing adventure! Thanks Marc!
A big thanks! (1/31/2015) - I wanted to express my appreciation to all those who helped me get my rig back to the ramp today I case I missed anyone out on the ice.  It would have been quite a long walk with all those
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WMIYC Nite joins the fleet (12/21/2014) - Art Balzer, Mark Burns and Marty Fredericksen bought a Nite; they plan to bring it up-to-date and fit it out for icesailing fun in time for local sailing conditions; today is the Winter Solstice!
Runners steel spec? (12/18/2014) - Question: anyone know the steel spec for cold rolled runners? Ed Tinkel 231-670-3000