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Houghton Lake ice break up: watch it destroy lakeside structures! (3/23/2017) - Read this story and follow the link to the Facebook page for the Houghton Lake ice fisherman for more photos of huge ice jams towering over and destroying lakefront structures: towering_ice_wall_comes_ashore.html#incart_river_home_pop  
Close call with weak ice at Fun Regatta (3/23/2017) - “O Shit! I’ve got to get my trailer off the ice!,” Dick Wollam said after hearing a dull cracking sound as he watched his trailer’s wheels become awash. I was rigging my DN about 1pm on a clear Sunday afternoon
Fun Regatta moves to Houghton Lake, Sunday March 12 (3/11/2017) - The party continues at the Spikehorn Bar on Houghton Lake,  Sunday March 12! Stan and Don Jones arrived just in time to welcome the host Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club, who were hot on their tails. Too much wind made snow
Houghton Lake (East End) North of Prudenville (3/11/2017) - Stan Jones and several others are at Houghton Lake and report a large plate of great sailable ice! The preferred launch site is the DNR launch site just north of Prudenville, MI. Take US55 east through Houghton Lake to Prudenville,
Otsego Lake NOT Sailable on March 11-12-2017 (3/11/2017) - Too much snow, but see the next report regarding what was found on Houghton Lake’s east end
Cottage Grove launch site repairs (3/11/2017) - No ice right now but it looks like they are working on the Cottage Grove launch site on Muskegon Lake.
Fun Regatta 2017: March 11 and 12, Gaylord, Mich. (3/10/2017) - Consider the Fun Regatta weather forecast favorable at the end of our temperate winter. Cold weather is essential for safe ice; sufficient hours of suitable cold prior to the regatta are likely to heal ice hazards created by recent prolonged
Otsego Lake is site of this year’s GTIYC’s “Fun Regatta” on March 3rd & 4th (3/9/2017) - Just a heads up, TCIYC’s Commodore Frost is calling the fun Regatta for this coming weekend, 11 &12 March. The site is Otsego Lake near Gaylord. The launch site will be the DNR launch at the southeast end of the
Otsego Lake near Gaylord, MI (3/9/2017) - The following report was just received this morning from Bob Gray: “Bill Cutting was driving by Otsego Lake near Gaylord and decided to check it out. He went into Otsego State Park located at the south east side of the
Skegemog and Houghton Lakes (3/3/2017) - The following was just received from Bob Gray up in TC. I hope you did not get your hopes up too high from the last posting, but if it had worked out you would have at least had time to
Skegemog and Houghton Lakes (3/3/2017) - The following report was received from Bob Gray in TC: “On a whim I drove to Skegemog Lake which had similar weather to Houghton Lake yesterday.  Much to my surprise it was very sailable.  There was a dusting of snow on the
Houghton Lake (3/2/2017) - I just received this report from Bob Gray up in TC: “I just called a resort on the lake and was told the lake has 8″ of ice but got rained on yesterday and then got 4″ of snow on
Houghton Lake Ice Conditions (2/27/2017) - Bob Gray just got a call from Bill Cutting and forwarded this report to me. He’s at Houghton Lake and says that it’s currently clear of snow , has snow machines on it, and looks sailable  (it’s also blowing like
7 day forecast – 2015 (2/23/2017) - Missing the “true” weather that we should be experiencing at this time.      
Feb 23 meeting/conditions (2/23/2017) -   Conditions right now are not as ideal as shown above!
Meeting (2/23/2017) - No ice/ lots of beer! Great meeting! Sent from my iPhone
Resting (2/11/2017) - No wind…  
White Lake, Whitehall, MI (2/11/2017) - The following ice report was received this morning from Chip up on White Lake: On Thursday I drove around this end of White Lake on the ATV and found it to be quite rough particularly over snowmobile and ATV tracks.
Muskegon Lake Ice – Quickly Deteriorating (2/11/2017) - Balcom Cove launch site has had little to no wind today,  and has a current (as of 2pm) air temperature of 42 degrees.  Although 6 inches of ice remains, it is VERY soft and HIGHLY saturated with air.   I
Gun Lake near Shelbyville, MI (2/11/2017) - The following report comes from John Gronberg after visiting Gun Lake on Friday. Gun lake has 4″ of Ice surface in the 8 category. Low wind forecast for Gun on Saturday.
Congratulations (2/10/2017) - ….to Whistler and her owner for their safe return from the 1 hour nite sail between 10:30 and 11:30 pm this evening on Muskegon Lake.  It was a sight to see as the boat screamed by and the reflected light from
Bear Lake in N Muskegon open. Beware Muskegon Lake (2/10/2017) - Bear Lake has a several hundred acres of open water at our usual launch and will not be sailed this season. Saturday’s forecast is for upper-30s temperatures, and 5mph wind maximum. There may be a thermal though. Not much wind is
ICE FOUND (2/8/2017) - A quick check of Muskegon Lake @ Balcom’s Cove on Tuesday 2/8/17 (in the light drizzle & fog) reveals 5-1/2 inches of solid black ice confirmed out approximately 200 feet from the launch ramp.  Test holes were drilled with ice
Looking for Ice Confirmation(s) (1/25/2017) - I happened across an avid ice-fisherman on Tuesday 1/24/17 and he told me that Lakes Cadillac and neighboring Mitchell had 16 inches of ice, supporting vehicle traffic, as recent as late last week. I am sharing a fishing report link, below,
Big time on Mona Lake Jan 14 and 15, 2017! (1/16/2017) - Many thanks to WMIYC Commodore Dean Runk and host Don Fischer for the hospitality and fine club outing this past weekend. Many thanks to Pete Price and family for the Saturday lean in, Keek Wickland for the beer, and Dean
Mona Lake, Norton Shores, MI with comments Re: Gun Lake (1/14/2017) - For the information of all interested parties, several WMIYC members either set up on Friday or are setting up today on Mona Lake. At 9:30 AM Saturday the winds at MKG are from the east @ 3 mph….not impressive! Bruce
Bear Lake, North Muskegon, MI (1/14/2017) - I walked Bear Lake at 10 am on Friday. The ice was so thick I could not drill through it with an ice screw. Ice making temperature of about 20 degrees. Slick snow ice that looks fast with mild bumpiness. Ideal
White Lake, Whitehall, MI (1/14/2017) - White Lake has 10″+ in the old ice zone.  This is about 7″ more than a week ago.  I would rate the ice 8 or better further out.  Physical limitations, a dead ATV battery, and slick ice prevented me from
Mona Lake, Norton Shores, MI (1/14/2017) - Good news from Mona Lake, ice quality is judged at an 8 or 9 on a 10 scale. Thickness approx. 4 inches of mostly black ice only found 1 drain hole the size of a softball. Muskegon Heights Park, off
Muskegon County Ice Coverage (1/13/2017) - I decided to take a drive today and do some exploring – lead by example, I suppose.  Thanks to those that did ice checks & reported their findings.  Remember that if you post here on the website, we’d have some
Ice Reports (1/12/2017) - Guys & Gals, Where are the ice reports? Are you all stingily sailing your personal found ice sheets? I checked the West end of Mona Lake just now and measured 3-1/2 inches of smooth ice coverage in 4 test holes.
Muskegon Lake and Christmas Day (12/25/2016) - Muskegon Lake froze early this year, Dec. 15. However, beware! December 23 a salt freighter was unloading at the Verplank dock at east end of the lake. There is a ship channel dividing the lake in half … for now.
12-12-16 Bear Lake froze over (12/13/2016) - Try the right date 12-12-16 After all the snow and then cold temp Bear Lake has froze over and may be sail-able tomorrow. I had to turn my bubbler on last night. MB
Ice Thickness Guide (4/5/2015) - 7-1/2 inches Passenger car (2-ton gross) 8 inches Light truck (2-1/2-ton gross) 10 inches Medium truck (3-1/2-ton gross) 12 inches Heavy truck (8-ton gross) 15 inches 10 tons 20 inches 25 tons 30 inches 70 tons 36 inches 110