Ice Reports

Guys & Gals,

Where are the ice reports?

Are you all stingily sailing your personal found ice sheets?

I checked the West end of Mona Lake just now and measured 3-1/2 inches of smooth ice coverage in 4 test holes.  Natural variances across the sheet would most likely result in thickness readings of 3-4 inches.  In NO way is this thought to be safe for sailing due to an observed water layer between the top skim and lower base layers.  But, I was actually “ON” the ice for my measurements – taken 10-15 feet out from the fishing seawall found there.  Also, this ice is white indicating air composition within the sheet and thus a much weaker supporting structure.

Hoping for some data to be shared from other Muskegon County locations such as Muskegon Lake, Bear Lake, White Lake, Fremont Lake, or even Big Blue Lake.

Hungry for some sailing time…………..


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