Muskegon County Ice Coverage

I decided to take a drive today and do some exploring – lead by example, I suppose.  Thanks to those that did ice checks & reported their findings.  Remember that if you post here on the website, we’d have some history of these checks events going forward, instead of having to save the old method emails – just a thought – Please Post !

So, my drive allowed me to check Fremont Lake, Big Blue Lake, Bear Lake (North Muskegon), Muskegon Lake @ the 2nd Street access, and Muskegon Lake @ Balcom’s Cove access.  All locations show a polished surface except for Fremont & Big Blue Lakes which had light dustings of snow and some slight surface roughness – as in, just enough traction in my street shoes not to be turned around while drilling my test holes.

Fremont has 5″ consisting of 3-1/2″ black base layer with a 1-1/2″ air filled top layer.

Big Blue has 9″ consisting of 7-1/2 black base with 1-1/2″ air filled top layer.

Bear Lake has 7-1/2″ but is inverted in composition as it consists of 1-1/2″ black base with 6″ air filled top.

Muskegon Lake @ 2nd Street has 4″ consisting of 3″ black base with 1″ air filled top.

Muskegon Lake @ Cottage Grove / Balcom’s has 5-1/2″ consisting of 4″ black base and 1-1/2 air filled top.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lakeside bait shop owner, Bill Funk, has alerted me to the potential for a cement boat, and a tug / barge combo, to visit Muskegon.  They are scheduled to arrive “sometime” over the weekend.  These would cut a path from the channel all the way to the East end of the lake completely directing the sheet North & South.

Also, and unfortunately, Weather Underground shows wind <7 knots all day.  Sailflow is forecasting nothing better.  Ed Tenkle, Andy Bos, and myself are currently discussing set up & trial sailing out of the Cottage Grove access site in the morning.  A bigger sheet of ice may allow for some sailing to actually occur while the smaller venues could be shut out by no wind.  Fingers crossed for an inaccurate wind forecast for all those that attempt to use their boats this weekend.


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  1. Arrow#422 Arrow#422 says:

    A tug pushed through the main lake basin, from the Lakeside ares to the main channel, Westerly to the channel outlet, around 2pm today (1/14). Other than di-secting the current sheet, and sending small pressure cracks through the ice coverage, all is good. Ice is 7+ on condition with 4 inches of black structure from Cottage Grove to the tug break out area. Best of luck on Mona, and White over the weekend. All could use more wind to be accommodating so stay positive.
    Two arrows, and the J-20 are @ Cottage Grove.

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