Muskegon Lake 1/27/21

Muskegon Lake has recently frozen over but has yet to see much, if any, ice fishing activity. This venue is NOT quite ready for exploratory ice checks nor sailing activities. Exacerbating these endeavors, a freighter entered the harbor this morning at approximately 7:30am and cut a path to the Andrie salt / aggregate dock along the eastern shore. I was just informed that this vessel has begun its departure and will further disrupt the current ice sheet coverage. With the continued cold night time lows, this should heal within a few days / nights. Lets keep this in mind going forward & hope that the snow cycles subside enough not to hamper our anticipated ice use regardless of the location(s). Be safe with your scouting & sailing activities and please report your findings so we all can get out and do some sailing in mass. Jim / Arrow#422

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