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A quick stop & conversation with the returning ice fishermen indicates 8″ of ice coverage out from our usual launch site. This was confirmed in TWO locations, but only within the cove itself. A spud was used to both cut through the coverage and to check the density. Measurements were then taken verifying the thickness. Coverage is mixed with black-ice patches existing within the predominant white snow-ice coverage. Thickness was noted as consistent in either structure at 8″. The black-ice sections have little to no air, while the white ice is much softer with heavy air content. Dale McPherson was outbound at my departure to continue his walk further out to better assess conditions. Mini Skeeter Pat & myself plan to set up on Friday morning for a formal sail. Although a Thursday warmup into the low 40’s is forecast, the incoming cold front will hopefully firm up the wet conditions enough for a Friday outing. Wind speeds for Saturday – Monday look quite light as shown in the Wunderground 10-day forecast below.

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