Muskegon Lake: Friday Feb. 2

Paul Wickland and myself plan to give Muskegon Lake a go Friday afternoon, setting up about 1 pm.

There was nothing doing on the lake Thursday when the wind was blowing a mini-gale amidst a snow flurry or two or three.

Not much snow has accumulated. But I expect drifts on the wonderful ice that is now covered up. So sad.

I’m going to bolt on a set of snow runners and see how she goes.

The temperature is forecast to rise to the lower teens and there is the just right amount of wind.
Sunshine is forecast by 4 pm.

Randy Rogoski
DN US 4192

p.s. If you do sail, beware the eastern end of Muskegon Lake where the Muskegon River flows in. Earlier this week, it was open water. In the frigid cold it has skimmed over and now is snow covered.
It is too thin to safely sail on it. You will break through the skim ice and go into the water.

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

One comment on “Muskegon Lake: Friday Feb. 2
  1. Steve Swaney says:

    New to the sport on ice, bought a DN two months ago and have been twice. Very exciting and can not wait to get on larger ice, Reeds Lake in EGR ok, but really feeling the “need for speed”! And, of course safety!
    Thanks to all for the reports…

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