Muskegon Lake Ice – Quickly Deteriorating

Balcom Cove launch site has had little to no wind today,  and has a current (as of 2pm) air temperature of 42 degrees.  Although 6 inches of ice remains, it is VERY soft and HIGHLY saturated with air.   I was able to break through the ice coverage with only 4 solid hits with a spud – obviously unsafe conditions !

A bubble boat, 1 skeeter, and 1 Arrow remain on blocks there.  Night time temperatures look to remain above freezing tonight so it may be advisable for those 3 boats to be taken down by mid-day Sunday.

Sailing is probably done here unless the coverage remains and the predicted cold later in the week becomes a reality.  I don’t believe it will survive and solidify enough to be safely usable but time will tell.

Please post your ice findings so all are aware of the potential sailing opportunities that exist.



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