Muskegon Lake is hazardous for ice sailing, Saturday March 16.

One and a half inches of rain the past three days opened some bath-tub-size drain holes. Sufficient cold weather is not in forecast for these to heal. It is likely the lake will be mostly open water by this time next week.

Heavy rain with wind and no deep freeze in the forecast is a death knell for ice safety. My ice scouting walk Saturday morning confirmed this.

WMIYC Arrow sailor Jim Fetters did get in a sail Tuesday March 12. He posted his plan on the club web site the day previous. Some ice sailors from other lakes saw his post and travelled to Muskegon to sail with him. There were two other sailors from our club.

A DN cruiser from Grand Traverse IYC arrived Monday evening after learning of Fetters plan to sail Tuesday.

Former Gull Lake IYC commodore Dave Flook saw Fetters Monday post on and arrived with his Melges 80 about 9:30am. Flook brought his grill and cooked burgers during the 1st & 2nd session break for the four cruisers –

“Way cool!” Fetters said.

Ice boat sailing was done by about 2pm after the ice softened in the 43-degree sunshine.

Marc Hoeksema rigged up a traction kite for some kite skiing as the ice continued to soften.

Another example of Carpe Diem, or seize the moment!

Randy Rogoski
The fourth past commodore

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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