Muskegon Lake: Preview for Wednesday Jan. 31

At 7:30 am the wind is stiff, blowing in the 20s, and it is 34 degrees.

By mid-afternoon, the sun is forecast to come out, the temperature to rise to 40 degrees and the wind to diminish to the lower teens.

The ice is now smoothing.

The club may want to consider sailing Wednesday afternoon.

Can somebody please inquire if WXMI, Fox 17 television, which has an office in the Fricano building overlooking the Hartshorn launch, has a web cam pointed toward the lake?

Randy Rogoski
DN US 4192

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

One comment on “Muskegon Lake: Preview for Wednesday Jan. 31
  1. Isaac leestma says:

    Inspection of heartshorn at 8:00am 1/31/17 shows that the dns left on the ice have blown around a bit but still present. The noaa station recorded gusts to 38knots last night. Even from shore, the ice is visibly improved, and the bumps of yesterday is giving way to glass. Last afternoon the tally was taken and at least 3 additional rumbleseat skeeters and a renegade are coming to the ice today. I suspect more will come when they see this ice.

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