Muskegon Lake: Saturday Feb. 3

The Club turned out in droves Saturday morning, but we got skunked by the high wind and snow.

Not quite the big-time super-fun day we were hoping for, nevertheless the ice on Muskegon Lake will continue to build in the days of cold weather ahead.

A big time will happen!

The Fricanos Launch at Hartshorn Marina provides shelter from strong west wind. While less uncomfortable there, out in the lake where wind blew in the 20s it was truly winter.

Yours truly enjoyed luffing around in the maelstrom through the mounting snowdrifts for a time, but with the blowing wet snowfall and unsafe limited visibility a day of fun sailing was not meant to be.

The high point of my day was watching Skip Stauber from Traverse City expertly handle Rush, his bubble-boat A-class Skeeter as he rounded an upwind turning mark and hold a peel off with his windward runner high off the ice.

Novice Stephen Webster sailed his newly-acquired DN around in the sheltered area between the Mart Dock and the launch. By osmosis he’ll turn out to be a fine ice sailor; he sailed as a kid with DN world champion Ron Sherry. Welcome our new member!

Issac Leetsma left his Skeeter at the launch; he’ll be all set to go the next time we have ice sailing conditions on Muskegon Lake.

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

One comment on “Muskegon Lake: Saturday Feb. 3
  1. Steve Webster says:

    Had a great time Saturday. Glad there weren’t any club members in ear shot to hear me scream like a girl when I hit the wind at the point and let go of the main sheet. Had a blast.
    When I was a kid I, and many others, sailed against Ron Sherry on lake St Clair.
    As you might imagine Ron always finished first or second place, even as a young teenager.
    An accomplished sailor then as he is now.

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