Muskegon Lake Sunday Feb 10, 2019

Time to rig up and go sailing.

Saturday the club was becalmed. Wind approaching 10 mph is forecast for Sunday.

Jim Fetters and Andy Bos sailed in Friday’s gale and said the ice is fine. They left their boats and they’re returning to sail.

Balcom Cove launch at the western end of Muskegon Lake has attracted the Arrows, Renegades and Skeeters. There are a few DNs there too.
The club’s grilling contingent will gain rave reviews by making an appearance.

There is a parking lot full of ice fishermen also launching there. Get there early or park on Lakeshore Drive to avoid a possible parking ticket.

Muskegon Yacht Club is open.

If you’re planning to sail, it’s also good to get on the phone and invite a friend.

Overflow launching: We will find much more room to park and launch at Hartshorn Marina in the middle of the lake’s south shore.

Randy Rogoski
a past commodore

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

2 Comments on “Muskegon Lake Sunday Feb 10, 2019

  1. I’m confused about this Feb.10 2019. It is now, Thurs Feb.- 6-2019, Sunday will be the 9th, not 10th. So, Is this posting the true Ice and weather conditions for Sat. & Sun.- Feb. 8th&9th, as we would like to come from Sandusky,Ohio. We have had -0- ice on Sandusky Bay this “winter”…..

  2. My previous post, called out the incorrect year. All dates in that post should have been for 2020. Really am confused…..LOL!

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