Muskegon Lake: Tuesday Jan. 30

Five WMIYC members sailed Muskegon Lake Tuesday Jan 30 from the Hartshorn Marina launch.

Issac Leetsma, who set up his Skeeter Monday evening, set sail at 8am and enjoyed fine light air cruising until the wind faded away about 10am.

His wind insight was the key to making his time count.
The wind dies prior to clocking around 180 degrees.
Monday the wind was from the East-Northeast.
Big wind was forecast for Wednesday from the SW.
It is now blowing from the Southwest at almost gale force as I write this at 7am.

Issac went home for lunch at noon, and when he returned at 1pm, the wind was back from the West.

New member Chris and myself rigged up by 10:30 am and by 12:30 pm were able to sail.

Club Vice Commodore Tim Freye set up at just the right time as the wind began to fill in.

Life member Jerry Bakke enjoyed sailing my boat in the light-wind easy conditions.

Don Fischer and Paul Wickland stopped by the launch to share camaraderie.

New member Steve Webster inquired if there was sailing via wmiyc(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) at 12:53 pm.
Nobody answered the question.

As a club whose many members own smart phones, we can inform everybody when we’ve decided to go sailing. When checking for messages, responding to messages means more sailing for everybody.

Add to your phone’s address book: wmiyc(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
You can text a message to this address.

Randy Rogoski
DN US 4192

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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