Muskegon Lake week of Jan. 22, 2018

Expect excellent ice sailing conditions on Muskegon Lake soon after the heavy rain forecast Monday Jan. 22.

Following Monday’s rain event, the temperature is forecast to drop to the low 20s.

Ice fisherman reported eight inches of hard ice Saturday Jan 20.

Together with Paul Wickland and several new club members, we sailed from the Balcom Cove launch at the lake’s western end. The sailing was pleasant and easy with the 40-degree temperature, sunny sky and light air.

We found Muskegon Lake about 90% clear. Paul said the ice was better than Mona Lake the previous weekend.

The snow remaining on Muskegon Lake Saturday was in rapidly melting shallow drifts that were easy to sail through.

After Monday’s rain, I expect the lake to become level and smooth – the kind of ice we’ve all been waiting for.

My preference is to stay off the ice Tuesday as the inevitable drain holes freeze and the ice regains strength.

Let’s look forward to sailing beginning Wednesday, and our monthly club meeting Thursday Jan. 25 at the Lakeside Vikings lodge on Edgewater Street, socializing begins 6:30pm .

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

One comment on “Muskegon Lake week of Jan. 22, 2018
  1. Arrow#422 Arrow#422 says:

    The ice fisherman continued to venture out of the Balcom Cove launch site both Tuesday & Wednesday (1/23 – 1/24). A quick check in with a fellow Arrow owner on the lake reveals 6″ of ice coverage remains.

    Wind forecast for 1/25/18 on Muskegon Lake is 8-10mph with gusts to 16mph by mid-day. I will be delivering & assembling Arrow #422 for sailing duty at the Balcom launch site first thing in the morning.

    Here’s a call out to those of you with some disposable time left. Come out for a sail.
    OR, you can polish up on some BS to share at the meeting. Either way, see you soon.

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