Muskegon Lake: Windstorm aftermath Feb 1

Yes! The ice is now resurfacing with Mother Nature’s Zamboni … BUT

Warm temperatures and big wind Jan 31 will also worsen ice hazards and create open water.

Monday Jan 29 Jim Fetters observed a working seam on Muskegon Lake that needs to be carefully inspected prior to sailing across it at speed. Issac Leetsma crossed it safely Tuesday Jan 30.

Seam location: the narrowest dimension of Muskegon Lake. Look at a map of the lake.

The seam’s northern side: it begins at Johnson’s Point in North Muskegon. The Point is where Plymouth Drive intersects Ruddiman Avenue; this is where the main road curves to head west to the Bear Lake Tavern.

Seam’s southern side: Hartshorn Point. This point is marked with a permanent aid to navigation at the end of the park where the marina rents small boat slips. The aid has big orange triangles mounted on a steel pipe to mark shallow water.

Tuesday I observed at the seam refreezing wet areas of unknown strength alternating with long areas of low mounds of shallow crust that could be sailed across safely at a perpendicular angle.

First group out to sail: check this seam. Scout for additional hazards to the west. They will be there.

Randy Rogoski
DN US 4192

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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