Recap of ice sailing Sunday 2-10-19

A big time of ice sailing fun was had by all WMIYC sailors who ventured onto our frozen lakes Sunday.
The wind was exciting and there was plenty of speed. Many enjoyed the warm up and hospitality of the Muskegon Yacht Club.
It was good to see extended families enjoying themselves, and friends who have sailed together for decades. Most gratifying was to see our new members out having a blast.

Tim Rose sailed Reeds Lake in Grand Rapids.

If other club members sailed elsewhere, please report so the club knows about other venues. Sometimes we have suitable conditions on lakes we don’t usually sail, and to know you’re out sailing, you have to send a message to the club.

The Muskegon Lake ice was safe as a house. Some considered the surface a little bumpy. Others found the ice to be regatta quality, merely representative of iceboating reality.
Regrettably a winter storm moves in Monday night with a forecast to dump four to seven inches of snow.
Then the club’s snow kiting contingent can enjoy our West Michigan winter until the next thaw runs nature’s Zamboni over the lake for us.

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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