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  1. Ed,
    Usual cold rolled steel is routinely specified as 1018.
    Going up in numbers suggests more carbon making the material more “durable” yet less workable. The Sarns site used to have their spec online (1045 carbon) but I see that they recently quit offering them – through their website anyway. I have placed a runner availability inquiry into them and will report my findings. I was considering building a set for my Arrow and became leary of the high end stainless stuff (440 series) or tool steel stuff like D2 due to the difficulty in working with, flat grinding, & heat treating requirements of them. I would suggest sourcing either 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel oversized flats which allow both corrosion resistance & the ability to work the material and sharpen them in the future. Here are some suppliers that may be able to assist you:
    http://www.flat-stock.com/~store/Merchant2/merchant.mv Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=T&Category_Code=PMGFS

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