Skegemog and Houghton Lakes

The following was just received from Bob Gray up in TC. I hope you did not get your hopes up too high from the last posting, but if it had worked out you would have at least had time to plan!:

“I’m sorry to say we’re done for at least this coming weekend. Bill Coberly and I checked out Houghton Lake this morning and it looks like that after the storm on Wednesday the strong winds moved the slush around and formed numerous  mounds that froze i.e. launchers. In any amount of wind it would be dangerous to sail.  On my way home I stopped by Skegemog and found it to have a coverage of 2-3″ unfluffy  ( new word) new snow.  As you can see we have no sailable ice at this time. With some luck one of these lakes might come in for next weekend.”

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