Snow kiters likely first on Muskegon Lake

View from Balcom’s Cove on New Year’s Eve:

(See other email for photoMkg Lk Sun 12-31-17.jpg)

A tug boat cut its way from the Lake Michigan channel to the docks at the lake’s eastern end.
There is ice fishing activity in Snug Harbor at the State Park.
I’ve yet to observe ice fisherman at the usual launches at Harbor Town, Balcom’s Cove, and Second Street in North Muskegon.

Tuesday’s wind has drifted and scoured Muskegon Lake.
Looks like fun for the snow kiters once it’s verified the ice is safe.
A thaw and refreeze will be needed for suitable ice boat conditions.

Randy Rogoski
A past commodore.

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

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