Something to watch for

Michigan Blue magazine

Back in August we were contacted by one of the staff writers for “MICHIGAN BLUE”, a high end magazine that brands itself as “Michigan’s Lifestyle Magazine, to contribute to an article they will be publishing in their winter issue.

During the ensuing conversations we suggested that they also contact several of the other ice yacht clubs in the state, and provided them with links to Gull Lake, Traverse City, Detroit and Toledo as possible sources. I believe Mark Hoeksema also provided them with some photos that they may include in the article. We extended them an open invite to monitor our website and show up at one of our venues when they see we are sailing, Be on the lookout for the Winter issue of “MICHIGAN BLUE” in stores and news stands when you are out and about. We should get a copy or two that we will share with the club upon receipt. It may even be online once published.

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