WMIYC Sunday Dec 9 1-3 pm at MYC


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you are ready to do some sailing as soon as we find some suitable ice in and around the area. Some good news, as I write this Mona Lake has skimmed over so we are on our way!

So we can all get together again and share memories and our current expectations about past and the future, I want to remind all WMIYC members that we have our December meeting all scheduled for Sunday, December 9th at the MYC. We will be meeting in the Lakeview Room from 1:00 to 3:00 PM with beverages and some snacks, nothing too grandiose!

During the meeting we will be presenting the slate of candidates who have indicated a willingness to stand for election and assume the positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and Board Member at Large for the coming season. Chip Sawyer has indicated his willingness to continue doing his normal “yeoman’s” work as our Secretary/Treasurer. Currently Mark Burns has stepped up to run for the Commodore slot with Isaac Leestma standing for Vice Commodore, Don Fischer for Rear Commodore and Holly Frederickson (Marty Frederickson’s daughter) for Board Member at Large.

We will be accepting additional nominations from the floor from anyone else who may be interested in showing their support for the club by stepping up and sharing the load by taking a leadership role.

I look forward to see many of you on Sunday the 9th!

Dean Runk

Randy Rogoski

Past commodore

3 Comments on “WMIYC Sunday Dec 9 1-3 pm at MYC

  1. All,

    Dean Runk was correct in that Mona Lake was skimmed over (nearly completely) early on Tuesday morning 12/4/18.
    It has since opened up due to wind & temperature.

    My rounds that day took me north & I had the opportunity to check both Fremont & Big Blue Lakes in northern Muskegon County.
    Fremont Lake was completely open, while Big Blue had was skimmed completely over with 1/4” observed at the north side launch site.

    Keep tabs on your local venues for ice developments & SHARE them with the WMIYC membership so that we all can plan for and enjoy those opportunities as they present themselves.

    Thank you in advance,

    Jim Fetters

  2. Jim when did you sail hess? John and I check it out Monday .1 1/2 inches stiff snow. 8 inches of ice.

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